Community Outreach

There are many organizations within the local community that we assist on a regular basis.

The Community Outreach meets every Wednesday morning at the Florence Douglas Center to sew, tie, and bind quilts for the community. Quilt tops are donated by guild members and finished by the “Ladies”. When completed we give these quilts to several different groups. Kaiser Hospital and Sutter Solano Hospital receive over 250 each year. These are given to the newborn babies of Mothers who complete a Pre-Natal Care Program. This year we also made 50 baby burp cloths for Kaiser.

Larger quilts are given to the Christian Help Center. The Christian Help Center is a temporary housing facility for individuals and families who are in transition. The Veteran’s Home in Yountville is also given some of the larger quilts.

Other quilts are donated to the Florence Douglas Center, Breast Cancer Auctions, and the Vallejo-Benicia Relay for Life.

At Christmastime, members of the club bring in full size toiletries, shampoos, soap, etc, which are donated to the Christian Help Center.


On the third Saturday of February, we come together to cut, iron, sew and have lunch while making quilts for the Baby Quilt Work Party. There are hourly winners, favorite quilt tops… and it’s not unusual to produce 110+ quilt tops