Sailboat Block

Here’s instructions on how to make the Vallejo Piecemakers Logo… The Sailboat Block

Background/Sky: 2 each 3-7/8″ squares and 4 each 3-1/2″ squares
Sails: 2 each 3-7/8″ squares and 2 each 3-1/2″ squares
Water: 1 each 3-7/8″ square and 4 each 3-1/2″ squares

Draw a diagonal line across the 2 background and 1 water 3-7/8″ square. Draw stitching lines 1/4″ on both side of the center line. Line up 2 of the sky squares with the 3-7/8″ sail squares and one 3-7/8″ water square with the 3-7/8″ boat square. Stitch 1/4″ away from your center on both sides. Cut along the center line and iron towards the darker fabric. Lay out the blocks as shown. Stitch rows together, iron first row in one direction and second row in the opposite, etc. Line up rows and stitch together.

Here are some instructions we found on YouTube:

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More instructions online:

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