COVID-19 / Face Masks Info

With the COVID-19 pandemic going on (as of March-April 2020), most of our members are sheltering at home until the quarantine is lifted. Many of our members have been active on the Vallejo Piecemakers Facebook Group page and suggested creating a page on our website for face mask patterns, etc.

Cancelled or Postponed Quilt Events

You can view the Vallejo Piecemakers Events Calendar which has updates on cancelled and postponed meetings/classes/events.
The Other Events page also has some information on cancelled and postponed quilting events.

Face Mask Patterns and Resources

Here are some resources to help you make some face masks for yourself, family and friends or to donate to our essential workers in the community.

Vallejo Piecemakers’ Face Mask Efforts

Michelle S has spearheaded our face mask efforts and posts updates on our Facebook page for members to view. Thank you Michelle!

MASK UPDATE for Monday May 18… Genesis House fulfilled, 75 still needed for Touro. Thank you!!


  • UPDATE on current request for school masks via Tina. They are for ages 12-18, so larger children/adult sized.
  • UPDATE: Michelle S just heard back from my SCFH contact and she says she overestimated the need, as she was expecting to have to hand out masks to most children but it turns out most of them are coming in with masks already, which is a good thing!). So right now Michelle S has 190 kids masks at her house, so we only need another 310 to meet Tina’s request! There is no rush on this, they are not needed until just before school starts.
  • Mask update: The request for Solano County Family Health clinic is now taken care of, and we are now concentrating on the request from Tina W for 500 masks needed for school kids.
  • We were not covering the whole need for SCFH, but what we did went a long way. Go masketeers!

MASKS DONATED SO FAR (as of July 11): 4140+ (this is not including the ones we’ve all been making for friends and family, so we can safely say we have another 500 not listed!):

  • 180 to assisted living facility on Tuolumne (Jean B is contact)
  • 20+ masks made for Genentech (per Becky)
  • 150 adult and 67 children’s masks to Navajoland (Anna is contact)
  • 120 to Safeway Admiral Callahan (Becky is contact)
  • 25 to doctors of Gatris’ son (Esther is contact)
  • 158 to Operation Dignity for homeless veterans
  • 30 to a nursing home (Esther)
  • 704 from Jan Kuhl to Kaiser Vallejo, ACCERTS, Napa CERTS, ACFD, Red Cross, RFD, misc local restaurants, and friends and family
  • 60 for NYC Food Shelter Volunteers (Tina is contact)
  • 65 for CA Medical Facility in Vacaville (35 were done by someone else)
  • 90+ to Public Health employees at CDPH in Richmond (Wendy)
  • 27 for Green Valley homeless shelter and other needs (Trudy)
  • 10 to Vallejo Food Bank
  • 150 for Solano County Family Health Centers
  • 15 for In and Out employees in Napa (thanks Celia and Sandy!)
  • 40 black masks to Napa jail staff (Tina)
  • 50 masks to Kaiser in Concord (Esther)
  • 10 to winery staff in Napa (thanks Celia)
  • 75 to Texas for therapists and staff and patients (thanks Celia!)
  • 30 to Navajoland in New Mexico (thanks Anna!)
  • 20 for LaClinica in Vallejo (thanks Linda and daughter)
  • 120 to Safeway employees in American Canyon (Becky is contact)
  • 20 masks to Crestwood Behavioral Health
  • 110+ masks for Broadway Villa nursing home in Sonoma and others, thanks to Becky C and family!
  • 28 for employees at In n Out
  • 130 for Vallejo Together (for homeless camp)
  • 75 masks for First 5 Solano daycare workers that care for the children of emergency medical personnel
  • 50 masks for non-medical personnel at Kaiser (Johanna is contact)
  • 50+ masks for Napa Jail staff (Tina is contact)
  • 100+ masks donated to Sutter Hospital (Melissa S is contact)
  • About 50 masks donated to a medical facility in Napa
  • about 20 masks donated to a pharmacist in North Carolina, who doesn’t have any local resources for handmade masks
  • employees at Moschetti Coffee, Maggies Cafe, and Lylerly’s Kitchen
  • 10 masks for a construction crew
  • 12 masks for food pantry workers
  • 20 masks for church worship and media teams
  • 20 masks for Kaiser in Richmond
  • 10 masks for CC Animal Services
  • 6 masks to Safeway in Green Valley
  • 25+ masks to So Sac Kaiser
  • 10 to Mercy Hospital in Auburn
  • 20 for a group of employees at the housing authority in Vallejo
  • 56 for for a family and home care facility
  • 30 for Genesis House in Vallejo
  • 10 for Lind Marine on Mare Island
  • 740+ for Swords to Plowshares in SF (thanks to Kris and family!)
  • plus more when we get details…

And of course, masks for our families, friends and neighbors!

Keep ‘em coming, as long as people ask for masks, we’ll help!
Always keep a few yourself too, to hand out to neighbors, friends, people at the grocery store, etc… And take breaks! Take days off!


Anna K, Alisa W, Barbara S, Becky C and family, Betsy H, Celia W, Cindy G, Dale K, Esther L, Gary and Sue G, Geri G, Jan K, Joan S, Johanna H, Kris C, Linda A, Linda G, Lynda C, Marci S, Michaela D, Mila A, Pat S, Pat W, Paula E, Rosie R, Sandy L, Tina W, Toni T, Trudy M, Valerie G, Vickie I and Wendy P.

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