Quilters help Habitat for Humanity families

Excerpt from The Vallejo Times-Herald, October 27, 2014
By Richard Freedman

Helping victims of a tsunami in Japan? Comforting a devastated town of Joplin, Mo., after a tornado? Assisting fire-ravaged Colorado?

Rosie Rockwood and Valerie Gunnell have it covered–literally–like a blanket.

Rosie Rockwood of Vallejo, left, cuddles a quilted Teddy bear that will accompany the quilt draping Rockwood, while she and her quilting associate Valerie Gunnell talk about their recent project. Rockwood and Gunnell are sending 34 quilts to Habitat for Humanity to help eight families. (Mike Jory/Vallejo Times-Herald)

The two Vallejo friends make quilts. Almost endlessly, actually. And then find a cause. Or a cause finds them. This week, two boxes with 34 quilts head to Habitat Humanity, targeting eight low-income Solano County families in transition.

While the dynamic duo is often part of a bigger entity — the 90-member Vallejo Piecemakers — the latest project was all Rockwood and Gunnell. A labor of love for three weeks, to be sure….

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