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What’s New (March 24, 2016)

The 2016 SEW AMAZING QUILT SHOW page has been update with more information and a download link to print out your own postcards/flyers. You can also refer people to this page with the easy-to-remember link:

The Affiliate Members page has been updated, with our new affiliate member Sew Happi Together.

A link to the new Facebook Group page has been added to the sidebar below the contact info.

And link always, the Events Calendar page and Newsletters and Other Documents page have been updated.

Quilters help Habitat for Humanity families

Excerpt from The Vallejo Times-Herald, October 27, 2014:

Quilters help Habitat for Humanity families

Friends churn out charity blankets
By Richard Freedman @RichFreedmanVTH on Twitter

Helping victims of a tsunami in Japan? Comforting a devastated town of Joplin, Mo., after a tornado? Assisting fire-ravaged Colorado?

Rosie Rockwood and Valerie Gunnell have it covered–literally–like a blanket.

Rosie Rockwood of Vallejo, left, cuddles a quilted Teddy bear that will accompany the quilt draping Rockwood, while she and her quilting associate Valerie Gunnell talk about their recent project. Rockwood and Gunnell are sending 34 quilts to Habitat for Humanity to help eight families. (Mike Jory/Vallejo Times-Herald)

The two Vallejo friends make quilts. Almost endlessly, actually. And then find a cause. Or a cause finds them. This week, two boxes with 34 quilts head to Habitat Humanity, targeting eight low-income Solano County families in transition.

While the dynamic duo is often part of a bigger entity — the 90-member Vallejo Piecemakers — the latest project was all Rockwood and Gunnell. A labor of love for three weeks, to be sure….

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Quilters show off their work during first day of Solano County Fair

Excerpt from The Vallejo Times-Herald, July 30, 2014:

Quilters show off their work during first day of Solano County Fair

County’s showcase gets under way in Vallejo
By John Glidden, @glid24 on Twitter

Thirty-five minutes after the 65th annual Solano County Fair had opened to the public Wednesday, Barbara Pisching made a discovery that would shake the very foundation of the quilting world.

Barbara Pisching, left, and Lynda Conlow check out the Best in… (Chris Riley/Times-Herald)

Well, maybe not.

“We have the only wall-hanging quilt that didn’t win a prize,” Pisching said with a smile, as she pointed to the quilt she had crafted with her quilting colleague, Lynda Conlow…

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Vallejo guild holds first quilt show

Excerpt from The Vallejo Times-Herald, May 4, 2014:

Vallejo guild holds first quilt show

By Lanz Christian Banes/Times-Herald staff writer

Diana McKeever doesn’t remember what first drew her to quilting.
“When I was a kid, I started sewing patches together,” McKeever said.

Nidia Russi-Gorozpe, a member of the Vallejo Piecemakers quilting club, talks about the club’s ‘theme challenge’ that resulted in the ‘Dia de los Muertos’ quilts seen in the background, describing the sometimes highly personal emotions that can be expressed when creating the work. (Mike Jory / Times-Herald)

Today, McKeever is president of the Vallejo Piecemakers Quilt Guild, which on Saturday opened its first quilt show at the Solano County Fairground’s McCormack Hall…

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Vallejo woman finishes quilt for Vallejo World AIDS Day

Excerpt from The Vallejo Times Herald, November 23, 2013:

Vallejo woman finishes quilt for Vallejo World AIDS Day

By Irma Widjojo/Times-Herald staff writer

The Solano County HIV AIDS quilt that will be on display at the Vallejo World AIDS Day event is finally done, thanks to a Vallejo quilter…

Vallejoan Diana Roberts, left, helps Solano AIDS Coalition Mario Saucedo, right, assemble a Solano County HIV AIDS quilt, shown in the background, which will be displayed at the Solano World AIDS Day event, Dec. 1. The quilt consists of squares made by Solano County residents to spread awareness about AIDS or honor their loved ones lost to the disease. (Irma Widjojo/Times-Herald)

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