Vallejo’s quilting guild has nearly 100 members

Excerpt from The Vallejo Times-Herald, January 6, 2018
By Katy St. Clair

A quilt is a work of art that also wraps you in a hug. By that token, people have been stitching together pieces of fabric to make homewares or gifts of warmth since the early times.

Needlework can be a solitary hobby, so it stands to reason that groups would form to sew together, compare designs and maybe even show off a little.

Vallejo has its own quilting guild known as the Piecemakers, and at nearly 100 members, it’s certainly one of the most active “sewing circles” in the area.

“I love to quilt, love to sew,” said member Pat Walling. “I embroider now, too. I’ve started a cottage industry, really. Kind of helps out. You know, when you’re a senior citizen, every little bit helps.”…

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